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Hey guys! Welcome back. With the new year coming in just a few days I wanted to do something I haven’t really done before. I wanted to share a few things that I want to do in the next year. These are not necessarily goals (that post is coming in a few days), but more just general things that I really want to do in 2021. Some of them are fun and some of them are just things I really want to do for myself. So here is my list of things I want to do in 2021.

Start a new hobby.

I have a lot going on pretty much all the time, but I really want to pick up a hobby that’s just for me. Not related to creating content or any real work. Just something that I can spend some time doing a few hours a week. I am not totally sure what it will be, but I am really excited to start looking into it and see what I might like to do. I want something easy and that will help relieve some of the stress.

Try new restaurants.

My friends and I love going out and eating places, but we usually end up right back at the same places we always go. So in this new year I really want to try new restaurants (and also finally learn how to spell that word properly the first time). I want to experience new things because there are so many places in this city that I have never tried. So I am looking forward to scoping out new places to go eat at.

Explore the city.

The city life here is great and I love going to all the places. I love getting to shop and find cool places to go. I love that there are so many small businesses and really affordable shops. But there are also some really nice parks and walking trails that I would love to visit. I really just want to get out more in 2021 and really experience it. 2020 wasn’t really great for that because of the pandemic, but hopefully 2021 will turn things around.

Get on a fitness routine.

I don’t really have a steady workout routine right now, but hopefully over the next few weeks I can continue getting into a routine and finding a schedule that works for me. I want it to be something that is convenient and flexible, but still provides structure and I can keep at it every week. It’s important for me to have the routine, but I don’t want it to be so rigid that if I fall off once I give up completely.

Bedroom makeover.

It’s not something I need to do by any means, but I really want to. First off, my walls are practically empty and I really want to find some stuff to fill the white space. I really need some more organizational structures in my room to help me keep my life together. And I really, really want a new color scheme in my room. I’m not saying it’s happening in January, but at some point in 2021 I will give my bedroom a makeover. You heard it here first.

Meet new people.

The pandemic made meeting new people in a new city kind of difficult. I moved here in August and in the middle of a pandemic it was really difficult to get out and meet anyone. So hopefully in 2021 I can make some new friends outside of my apartment and expand my horizons a little bit. It would be nice to grow my friend group a little bit and really get to know people. I think it will be fun.

Those are the things I really want to do in 2021. They aren’t necessarily all goals, but just things I really want to accomplish. Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let us know in the comments what you are looking forward to doing most in this new year. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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TikTok: samnicholeproctor

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