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Ten Ways To Make Your Apartment More Cozy

By: Dani Kessel

If you’re moving into an apartment, it sometimes feels like you’re living in someone else’s space. Usually, you can’t remodel or paint. You are beholden to the structures already in place. But, the good news is that there are many ways you can make your space feel more cozy and personalized. You aren’t stuck feeling like you’re out of place. If you use your layout, home decor, and resources wisely, you can create a great place to live.

Here are 10 tips to cozying up your apartment:

  1. Lay down a rug

There are few things better than the sensation of a soft rug. You can choose anything from sherpa to wool, and a nice rug with a design you love can make your space unique and fun.

  1. Put out a blanket

Whether you have a futon, couch, or reading chair, a simple way to give you the warm fuzzies is hanging a blanket off the back of furniture. It makes the place feel lived-in. It also provides you with a fast way to beat cold weather.

  1. Decorate your walls with framed photos, posters, and/or art

One of the best ways to make your apartment feel like a home is to put up meaningful and significant pictures. Photographs of loved ones. Paintings of your favorite places. Drawings made by special kids in your life. A poster of a concert or singer. There are so many options!

  1. Set candles on your tables/counter/nightstand

Whether you light them or just smell them occasionally, candles provide a nice ambiance. They also can be a powerful grounding tool for those with anxiety.

  1. Sew a stylish pillowcase to put over an old pillow

If you are putting new pillows on your bed but the old ones aren’t too far gone, you can make them into throw pillows. Using stylish fabric that fits into your aesthetic (or even graphic t-shirts you’d like to repurpose), you can whip-up a pillowcase to give your old pillows fresh life. Put them in a social space for guests to use next time people come over.

  1. Hang up curtains

Curtains provide a decorative barrier to distinguish between outside. It’s like a cocoon preserving all the coziness. It also lends an extra sense of safety (even if it’s just imagined).

  1. Hang string lights year round

You know those string lights people put on trees in the winter? You can use them in your apartment to create a comfy lighting vibe. They don’t have to always be on, but when they are they’ll offer a glow that fits well in the evenings.

  1. Pick out a fun shower curtain

Shower curtains come in thousands of different designs. Do you want a solid color? Are you looking to spiff things up with your favorite superhero? What about a watercolor painting design? Picking out a fun shower curtain gives you inexpensive personalization options which will make the place feel your own.

  1. Get a houseplant

So many people love houseplants. If you’re in a new place, buy a pot and seeds or a pre-grown ficus. They liven up the space and provide company without talking incessantly. 

  1. Craft a coffee mug wall rack with hooks

This one takes a little DIY prowess, some wood, sandpaper, nails, wall mount, hooks, and tools. (Here are three tutorial options: one, two, three.) It’s fairly easy once you get into the swing of it though. The nice thing about this is that it allows you to display your collection of cups for everyone to see. It also gives easy access on groggy mornings.

If you are starting out in a new place, these suggestions might help you fix up your apartment. I tried to include low-priced tips. Everyone should be able to feel cozy no matter their income level. You truly deserve to feel happy and at home in a space, even if you are just renting. And remember, your apartment is your safe haven. It’s the one place you can exist without worrying about others’ expectations.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you did, please like it. Also, feel free to share it with a friend who might benefit from these tips. What other suggestions do you have for folx trying to create a home out of a rented space? Has something else not on the list worked for you in the past? Let us know in the comments!

As always, subscribe to Girl On the Go before you leave. I hope to see you next time!

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