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Hey guys! Welcome back. It is officially the first weekly recap of the year and I am so excited. I am excited for a new year filled with fresh content for you guys. I have been working over the past couple of weeks to figure out what content I want to bring this year and how I want to lay it all out. And over the next few weeks you will start to get the feel of what I am leaning into this year. But I will still be doing weekly recaps because, well some things never change. So today I will be recapping this last week which of course includes the beginning of the new year. I will also be sharing my thoughts on my new weighted blanket and doing a product review for you guys.

I spent New Year’s alone this year. Like completely alone. I wasn’t really thinking it would be all that different, but I have been really alone these past few weeks. It’s been really hard and has caused a really big mental battle. There is so much going on in both my personal life and my professional life that have caused a lot more stress in my life. And the holidays were a lot different this year than they normally are and that was another thing that I was put off by.

But I am excited for a fresh start and a new year. I have been working really hard to start things off on a good note and really give 2021 my all. I am looking forward to these next few weeks as I really start to dive deep into my goals and the vision that I have for this year. I want to make sure that I am putting my best foot forward as much as I can. This year looks different because I’m going into it with a very clear vision and I pretty much know what to expect unlike last year. So hopefully this year is a lot better for all of us.

One of the best things that happened this past week was on Thursday my weighted blanket arrived which was a really great way to bring in the new year. I cannot recommend a weighted blanket enough if you don’t have one. I have never slept better and honestly I only got the 12 lb. blanket. So if you feel like you want to try but aren’t sure about what weight to get, I would recommend the 12 lb. blanket because it’s light enough that it’s not too overwhelming, but it’s still enough weight to make a different. I love it and can honestly say it’s one of the best purchases I have ever made.

I also tried a new foundation this week and thought I would share my thoughts on it. Right before Christmas my friend an I were at Target and this foundation was on Clearance. And I mean it was like $2. I was intrigued and figured I would give it a shot because it looked like it would be a good foundation. Now I understand why it was on Clearance and why I have really never heard anyone talk about it. It’s the Milani Screen Queen Foundation. It says it’s a natural finish foundation which is true to be fair.

But guys, it’s a really bad foundation. Like it just sits on your skin. It is super thick, it’s doesn’t blend very well, and the coverage is less than reasonable for any foundation. There are so many way better foundations out there so I now understand why they were basically giving this foundation away. It was originally $12 and believe me, it’s not even worth the $2 that I paid for it. It did not wear well on my skin at all and I was literally just taking phone calls all day. I definitely do not recommend this one even if it is on clearance.

And that is all for my weekly recap! Nothing too exciting over here. Hopefully next week I will have something more exciting to share. Thank you so much for stopping by! I really hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let us know in the comments how your New Year’s went this year and if you did anything exciting this week. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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