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Hey guys! Welcome back. I know that stress is a part of our daily lives and if you aren’t stressed you probably aren’t working towards anything. Stress is a good thing because it’s a sign that you are doing something. However, it’s not good to be too stressed and overthink everything. So today I wanted to share the things I do when the stress gets to be too much and things are becoming overwhelming. And hopefully this helps you if you are dealing with any stress or are feeling overwhelmed.

Get more sleep.

When there is a lot going on in our lives one of the first things we stop doing is sleeping as much as we should. But I have found that when I am stressed prioritizing sleep is one of the most beneficial things I can do. It helps my body and mind rest and gives me a break from everything that is going on. It’s a chance to recharge so when you are awake you can be more productive and hopefully get more done.

Treat myself.

I don’t really like the phrase “guilty pleasure”, but we all have one. We all have that thing that we don’t get to have often or do often, so when we do it’s a real treat. When I’m feeling stressed and down I allow myself to have something or do something I normally don’t do. It’s a way to lift my spirits and find a little bit of joy in the midst of all the chaos. It really is the little things that keep me going.

Exercise in a fun way.

I love Zumba. It’s one of my favorite ways to workout. And when I am feeling stressed I like to find a YouTube video that I can dance to and follow along with. There are so many great ones out there and it’s just really fun for me, but it’s also really good for me. So it’s really a win-win for me. I also really like putting on some music and going for a walk if it’s nice outside and I have the time to be gone for a little bit.

Take a bubble bath.

This is one of my all time favorite things to do. Taking a nice bubble bath is something that I have always really enjoyed, but I don’t always have the time. However, I try to make time at least once a week to set aside at least an hour (sometimes two) to enjoy a nice bath. Sometimes I read, sometimes i catch up on YouTube videos, and sometimes I really just sit there and enjoy some silence and relaxation.

Have a deep conversation.

One of my favorite things about my roommates is that we have a lot of fun and laugh together a lot, but we also have really deep conversations a lot too. And for some reason it is really calming and relaxing for me. Maybe it’s because it takes my mind off of everything else that is going on for a little bit, but it’s just one of my favorite things to do. And we really do talk about literally anything. It’s a great time.

Watch a movie or TV show.

I have always been more of a TV show person than a movie person, but I do enjoy a nice movie every once in a while. I have recently been catching up on This Is Us and now that I have Peacock I have found a lot over there there I want to watch. I love getting lost in a movie or TV show though because it really helps me escape everything that’s going on in my own life and just focus on something else for a little bit.

Clean my space.

Sometimes when life gets really chaotic things can get cluttered really bad. So when it comes to cleaning up my space I know that really helps with relieving stress and helping me feel a lot more at peace with everything. So when I’m super stressed or overwhelmed I like to take some time to clean things up so I can get my mind cleared and start feeling a lot more productive. It helps a lot more than having a bunch of clutter everywhere.

Those are the things that I do more when I am stressed. It’s a lot of just finding things that will help me take my mind off of everything that is overwhelming me. Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this and find it helpful. Please like it if you did. Let us know in the comments what you do when you are stressed. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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