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Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you are having a great week so far. Since working from home has become my new reality and it’s been a few months, I have added and taken away things from my desk as I continue to figure out what will make me the most comfortable and the most productive. So today I wanted to share the ten most important things I always have at my desk in hopes to inspire you if you are trying to figure out what you should have at your desk.

1. Planner.

If you don’t already have a 2021 planner, I really recommend getting one you know you love and you know you will use. I know 2020 taught us life is unpredictable and some things can’t be planned. However, there are still things in our lives that we have control over and some of those things can be planned. So go out and get yourself a planner and keep it at your desk. And when you have something you need to remember, write it down in your planner.

2. Office Supplies.

Everyone needs office supplies. From notebooks to pens to paper clips we all need the basics. So why not keep them at your desk? This way when you know you need something you know where to go to get it. It will also just help you be more productive and efficient in the long run. You can find some super affordable office supplies at places like Walmart, Target, and even the Dollar Tree if you don’t want to spend a ton of money!

3. Water Bottle.

It’s important to stay hydrated, especially when you are working during the day. So having a reusable water bottle at your desk that you can drink from throughout the day is really important. You can find some really great ones on Amazon or at pretty much any store you shop at. I love my Brita water bottle that was only around $20 and I also recently got one from Walmart that was $3 and it has the times on it to remind me how much water I should be drinking.

4. Inspirational Decor.

Let’s be honest, life can get us down sometimes. It’s always good to have little reminders that inspire us and motivate us to keep pushing forward. And having those little signs and pictures all around us that remind us what we are working towards may seem a bit silly at first, but they really do help. Plus, they are cute and they add some personality and creativity to your workspace which is never a bad thing.

5. Desk Organizers.

Because you need something to keep all of your office supplies organized right? Organization is key to stay efficient and productive, so I highly recommend investing in some good desk organization. And the organizers you get really depends on what works best for you and also the size and shape of your desk. Mine is kind of an odd shape, so I have to get really creative with my organization on my desk.

6. Snacks.

It’s a long day and sometimes you need some energy to keep you going. I love keeping trail mix at my desk because it is such an easy snack and it doesn’t take up a ton of space. Bonus, there aren’t any wrappers. I just have a small little bowl that I keep it in on my desk. Snacks are just really great to have on hand because you really can’t do your best work if you are feeling hungry or sluggish.

7. Books.

You probably aren’t reading while you’re working, but you can read on breaks or when you aren’t working. Also, having some great nonfiction books can also serve as reminders or motivators if you have a favorite author or book. It’s also just really great, practical decor that doesn’t hurt to have on hand. No matter what kind of books you like, you have to put them somewhere, so there might as well be a few on your desk. Just don’t turn your desk into a bookshelf.

8. Journal.

I have really been loving my guided journal. I write in it every single day and keeping it at my desk helps me stick to that habit and keep up with it every day. I highly recommend investing in a good journal and creating some prompts for yourself. If you want me to share mine, let me know in the comments. But it really helps me connect with myself and work on growing into the best possible version of myself.

9. Sweater Or Blanket.

I have a throw blanket at my desk. I like to be warm while I’m working, but I don’t want a sweater because then I have to worry about putting it on and taking it off. A blanket is just easier for me and I love that it’s there if I need it or want it. But if a sweater is more your vibe, then go for it! Whatever helps you feel more comfortable and ready to get some work done. I just recommend having something.

10. A Candle.

Or if you are like me, multiple candles. My candles sit at the top shelf of my desk and I bring one down and light it everyday. Not only does it smell good and help keep me calm and relaxed, but it also brings a very warm feeling which just brings a different mood to my workspace. I absolutely love having a candle burning pretty much all the time, especially when I am working and sitting at my desk.

Those are the things that you need at your desk, especially if you work from home. I promise if you don’t have any of these you are missing out. Thank you so much for stopping by! I really hope you enjoyed this and got some inspiration from it. Please like it if you did. Let us know in the comments what you think we all need at our desks. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

4 comments on “Ten Things Every Girl Boss Needs At Her Desk

  1. Even a girls boss may need something for her monthly…

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  2. HAHA yessss I literally have all of these on my desk. Planner and desk organizers are such a must, I legit cannot function without a daily planner.

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