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Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you had a great week. As most of you know having routines is a pretty big part of my life. It helps me keep stability in my life and it helps me focus on the things that I can control. So today I wanted to share with you some ideas for a productive night routine that might help you if you are struggling to find your own. Or if you are just looking for some new things to add to your routine to make your life a tiny bit easier. Also the best way to set yourself up for success every morning is by having a good night routine. So here are some of my favorite ideas!

Take care of morning chores.

One of the worst things for me is feeling rushed in the morning. I hate feeling like I don’t have enough time or when I just don’t have the energy to do something. So I always like to take care of anything that I can at night before I wind down. I like to make sure the dishes are done (although I am definitely not perfect at this). I will make my lunch if I need to. Whatever I can do to make the next morning a little easier for myself and maybe give myself a few extra minutes of sleep.

Make a to do list.

I now have a big dry erase board in my room and I love it because everyday I write my to do list on it. That way I can just glance over and know exactly what I need to get done that day and what I am working on. This way I don’t have to try to remember everything. And I do this the night before because, again, it’s just another thing that I won’t have to worry about the next morning. I just know.

Do something that relieves stress.

For me it’s a number of things. Sometimes it’s a nice bubble bath. Sometimes it’s cleaning. Sometimes it’s writing in my journal. There are a whole list of things that I turn to when I need to relieve stress and it really just depends on the mood I am in and how that day went for me. But I try to do something every night that relieves stress because it prevents it from getting built up and it keeps me from feeling super overwhelmed. Even if I’m not super stressed I still like to do something just for myself that helps with relieving any stress that I might have.

Do some stretching.

Some people like yoga. Some people meditate. For me I like to just do simple stretching. I don’t do anything fancy. I just like to do something that loosens my body up and this can also help relieve some pressure and tension that can cause stress. It’s just a really great way to help unwind and get ready for a night of rest.


I love reading and I have so many books that I really want to read. It’s something that I really look forward to every night and I always try to read something even if it’s just a little bit. I have learned a lot from reading and it has helped me grow so much. If you are looking for a way to learn something new and do something that isn’t watching TV all night, I highly recommend finding some good books.

Do a brain dump.

Brain dumps are fun right? You just write everything out. Literally everything. From how you feel to what you are thinking about to what you need and want. Write it out. Getting it out on paper allows you to clear your mind and not go to bed with too much going on in your brain. It allows you to totally relax and calm down so that your mind isn’t super overactive when you are trying to sleep and you aren’t up so late overthinking and feeling anxious. Do a brain dump in whatever way feels most natural to you, but promise me you will do a brain dump.

Take a walk.

I love walking outside, especially when it’s a nice day. I love just getting to be out in nature and enjoy some fresh air. I love walking and listening to music because it combines two of my favorite things. Taking a walk also helps get out any leftover energy from the day and helps me relax before bed.

Tidy up.

I like for my space to be clean before I get into bed. Since I do work from home now it’s nearly impossible for me to work in a messy space. It’s really difficult to focus if there is too much going on. And since I am working a lot there really isn’t too much to clean up most days because I’m not doing anything except working, but I still like to make sure everything is where it needs to be and I feel comfortable before going to bed. It saves me from having to worry about it in the morning.

Skin care.

Skin care is so important. I learned this many years ago and I can’t believe how much of a game changer it has become. Everyone has different skin types and product preferences, but I can’t stress to you enough how important having a really good skin care routine is. It’s going to help you so much in the long run and you will thank yourself later. If you don’t already have a skin care routine, I highly recommend finding one that works for you.

Go to sleep at a consistent time.

This is a really big one for me. I used to just go to sleep whenever I wanted and I didn’t really worry about going to bed at the same time every night. But once I started getting into a routine and started going to sleep every night at the same time everything started to change. I felt a lot better in the morning and well rested. I found myself getting sleepy at the same time every night. It all just started working out.

And those are the productive night routine ideas that I really recommend trying out if you have not already. These are some of my favorites that I turn to every night. Thank you so much for stopping by! I really hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let us know in the comments what your favorite ideas are for a productive night routine. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

7 comments on “Productive Night Routine Ideas You Need To Try

  1. yeh_mee says:

    These are a great ideas. Reading is a constant night routine for me. Nice blog post👌🏾

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      1. yeh_mee says:

        You are welcome 😊

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  2. yeh_mee says:

    Permission to re-blog this sometime on my blog?

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      1. yeh_mee says:

        Thank you ☺️

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