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I am fueled by faith, blogging, and chocolate. I’m all about having authentic and intentional conversations, as well as offering advice where I can. I love talking all things blogging, beauty, and lifestyle. Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you will choose to subscribe and stay a while!


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Hey guys! Welcome back. I cannot believe that January is almost over. It feels like the year just started. But I feel like January has been kind of a rollercoaster, so I’m kind of excited for it to be over. But we can’t end the month without doing another monthly Q&A and I am so excited about some of the questions you guys sent in. I have looked through some of them and there are some good ones. You guys know these Q&A’s are my favorites because you guys get to help choose the direction of the post. So let’s get into these questions!

How do you choose your blog posts?

I have a running list of ideas that I pull from sometimes, but I also like to write about whatever comes to me naturally most of the time. I love writing and I am always coming up with ideas that I jot down to return to at another time. It’s not very often that I don’t have any idea of what to write about. So it’s really just about what I feel like I have a lot to say about or that I am excited to talk about when I sit down to write. I pull inspiration from a lot of different places, but it’s mostly based on what I have going on in my own life or things I have experienced or learned.

How did you end up in the city you are in now?

I needed an apartment and I was pretty desperate to be completely honest. So I was literally looking for apartments from all over the place and this one was the first to get back to me. I had to wait two and half months to be able to move in, but it was all worth the wait looking back. And honestly I am really happy that I ended up here.

What do you want in a forever home?

A backyard with a fence so I can get a dog. A really nice kitchen with a separate dining room. And lots of bedrooms.

Biggest pet peeve?

It would have to be people who don’t have patience.

Are your feelings about being a blogger changing?

Yes and no. Not changing in a negative way, but changing in ways that have me wanting to branch out and try new things. I feel like this is something that has become such a major part of my life and I can’t imagine stopping.

What is your ideal number of kids and timelines?

Honestly I don’t know. I will take whatever God decides to give me.

Any tips for calming anxiety?

Get plenty of sleep and watch how much caffeine you are having. Both of those are super simple and help me tremendously.

What’s been your biggest positives for the past year?

I finally moved into my first apartment, found a stable job, and made some really great friends.

Favorite Taylor Swift Song?

That’s really tough, but I really love “All Too Well”.

How did you learn to blog?

I just got started and learned as I went.

Favorite TV Show Recently?

I’m still watching This Is Us, but I have also really been into The Office again.

What gets you excited professionally?

Having new goals and accomplishing things I want to accomplish.

Do you drink alcohol? What’s your relationship with it?

I don’t really drink alcohol. I have in the past, but it’s not something I have ever really been into. Not for any particular reason I have just never tried anything that I really love. Growing up my parents didn’t really have alcohol so I wasn’t raised around it. It’s just never been something I was really exposed to and I don’t feel the need to have it all the time.

Do you think you have a different outlook on life after 2020?

I definitely do. I think it’s safe to say most of us do at this point. Not only do I have a different outlook on life, but I also have a different outlook on myself. I think 2020 showed us all what we are capable of.

How did you transition in working from home?

It was a bit strange at first, but it really didn’t take any huge adjustments. If anything it was all positive changes.

What are some household essentials you swear by?

Magic Erasers, candles, weighted blanket, and board games.

What’s something that you learned about yourself recently?

I learned that I am actually not afraid of failure. I’m afraid of the shame that can be associated with failure.

How do you keep yourself motivated?

By constantly reminding myself of what I am working toward.

Favorite go-to movies?

How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days, Sweet Home Alabama, and Safe Haven.

Favorite author?

Fiction: Nicholas Sparks. Nonfiction: Rachel Hollis.

What’s giving you hope right now?

Seeing how far I have been able to come in such a short amount of time.

What are your top three go-to mood boosters?

Cleaning, music, and coffee.

Do you feel pressured to get married?

Not so much anymore. At one point I did, but I don’t feel it as much now.

Biggest surprise since moving into your apartment? What’s the scariest part?

The biggest surprise is definitely that I don’t hate having roommates as much as I was afraid I would. The scariest part is when everyone is gone and I am here by myself. I get used to hearing noise so when it’s super quiet I get scared.

What’s coming up in 2021 for you?

Honestly I’m not really sure. I don’t have any huge plans this year because I just want to let God guide me and we will see where I end up. He has led me this far and I’m pretty happy with it.

What’s your five year plan?

Also not really sure with this one. Hopefully in some kind of stable relationship?

Why did you choose living with roommates?

I didn’t really choose necessarily. It was just one of the many benefits of having this apartment.

Do you have any names that you would love to name a child?

I have so many names that I love and now that I talk to people with all different names I am finding even more. I have been loving the name Holland lately. I think that is such a pretty name and maybe someday I will get to use it.

What qualities do you most appreciate in people?

I appreciate people who are kind, honest, and ambitious.

Could you ever picture yourself living West?

I could picture myself living North, East, West, South. Literally anywhere.

Are you done decorating your apartment?

Is anyone ever really done decorating? The short answer is no. We are still very much a work in progress?

Favorite part of your apartment?

The fact that I have my own bathroom in my bedroom. Oh, and the kitchen.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I really hope you enjoyed this Q&A. Please like it if you did. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions for next month’s Q&A. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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