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Hi! My name is Samantha!

I am fueled by faith, blogging, and chocolate. I’m all about having authentic and intentional conversations, as well as offering advice where I can. I love talking all things blogging, beauty, and lifestyle. Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you will choose to subscribe and stay a while!


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Hey guys! Welcome back. I know I have kind of been M.I.A. these past couple of days and that is because we are dealing with another internet outage. They said they were updating our internet but it’s been worse since the “update”. But I am still here to give you a weekly recap and there was a lot happening this week. There was also one big thing that I can’t quite tell you about, but will very soon. But I had some fun things happen this week and I am excited to share them with you!

I did some shopping this past Friday. I didn’t buy a ton of stuff, but I did spend quite a bit of time looking both in store and online. I’m still working on getting things I want and need for my apartment in terms of decor, organization, and just some other basic things. I am really looking forward to continuing to really bring in a lot of decor and make it feel more like home, but I’m not doing it all at once because I want to make sure what I buy is what I love.

I did get a few things to decorate with though and I am working on getting it all put up. I’m really taking my time because I want things that I love and that kind of make sense. I am also trying to get things that are also kind of practical for decor as well. My room and bathroom aren’t terribly big, but the walls have been empty since I moved in and I am trying to put some stuff up that will fill the space.

I have been on Amazon quite a bit lately just looking at things they have to offer. I am also still on the hunt for a desk chair so hopefully soon I can find one that I really love and want to invest in. Other than that I don’t really need any other furniture. I’m just looking for things that can kind of fill up some of the empty space and also hopefully add some more storage and organization option.

It’s been cold here and it snowed earlier this week, but it hasn’t snowed in the last couple of days. We had a lot of rain though. It’s still pretty cold here, but it’s alright. Our heat is working fairly well now so it’s not too bad. I’m excited for Spring though because it should be really nice. There’s not much to do here when it’s cold and living the apartment life doesn’t give us too many options.

Like I mentioned earlier we are surviving yet another internet outage. It’s only the building I live in and it’s been a struggle. Luckily I have been able to go to work and work at the actual center, but it’s still not the best of situations. I wish they would get it fixed but they don’t seem to be in a big hurry to get it fixed. I am hoping that they get it fixed by at least Wednesday though because that would be really nice.

Other than that there isn’t really too much else going on. We are still surviving. This next week should be pretty busy, but also really great. I have some really fun things I am working on, some great content, and I will be doing some deep cleaning and laundry this week. I also bought an Instagram ad last night and when that comes in I will do a review. I won’t spoil what the product is yet though.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I really hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. It has been a pretty hectic week, but it was also really interesting and that just keeps life fun. I fully expect nothing less from this next week either. Hopefully it’s all good things though and they get the internet fixed. Let us know in the comments what you have been up to this week! Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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