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Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you are having a great week so far. It’s almost over and that’s exciting! Today I thought I would come on here and chat with you about something we all think about: time. Time is one of the most fleeting things in our lives and how we spend it truly matters. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t take breaks and rest, but it means that you should be using your time in the most effective way possible, and yes sometimes that means just enjoying the time you have. So today I thought I would share with you some things you can do if you only have 30 minutes.

Call someone.

Whether it’s a parent, a friend, a contact, or just someone you need to get in touch with, use the 30 minutes you have. And if you are anything like me you probably don’t want to be on the phone any longer than that anyway so you can use only having 30 minutes as an excuse to got off earlier. Just make sure you mention at the beginning that you had about 20 minutes so you thought you would give them a call.


If you have 30 minutes, you have time to read. I now have a super cool app on my phone that let’s me read and keep track of how much I am reading and how often. It helps track how many days in a row I have read and how often I reach my reading goal for the day. It’s a really nice visual. But you don’t have to have an app. Do whatever works for you, but I challenge you to set some kind of goal or intention behind your reading.

Dance party.

Dance like no one is watching. Especially if no one is. Turn on some music, whatever really gets you going, and dance. I promise you will feel so much better after. Take some time to just have fun. If you have 30 extra minutes and you can very easily have a dance party and you don’t take advantage of it, I’m not sure what else you could be doing. I’m kidding, but really, dancing is a great form of movement and there are so many benefits to it.

Make a new playlist.

I have so many different playlists for so many different moods. I have a workout playlist, I have a work playlist, I have a cleaning playlist, and the list goes on. And I have a very general “favorites” playlist. I just have a lot of different playlists and I find that they really helpful because music really helps me stay energized and motivated. So if you have 30 minutes, use that time to create a new playlist.

Take a walk.

Weather permitting of course. If you have 30 minutes and you have some extra energy, go on a nice walk. Whether that means going to the park, talking through your neighborhood, or walking around the block outside your office, take a walk. Much like dancing, walking is a great way to burn some calories, have some fun, and boost your mood. There really isn’t a reason not to do it if you really think about it.


Okay, I know this is not the most fun way to spend your thirty minutes of free time, but think with for a minute about how satisfied you will feel once it’s over. And it has to get done at some point right? So it might as well be now. Declutter that area of your home that has been driving you crazy. Maybe it’s your closet, maybe it’s the fridge, maybe it’s that random corner in the living room.

Make a gratitude list.

You guys know I am really big into gratitude. I practice gratitude everyday and it usually doesn’t take 30 minutes. But it could if I really wanted it to. So I challenge you if you have 30 minutes or even ten extra minutes in your day where you can sit down and actually write down what you are grateful for, then do it. I promise you your whole demeanor will change and you will feel so much more fulfilled after.

And those are some things you can do if you have 30 minutes. Of course there are so many other things you could do and I could go on, but that’s what the comment section is for. So share in the comments what your favorite thing to do is if you only have 30 minutes. Thank you so much for stopping by! I really hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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