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Product Review And What’s In My Shower

Hey guys! Welcome back. I haven’t shared a post like this in quite a while so I thought it would be fun to share with you what I have in my shower right now. It’s just a fun little way for me to share what I’m loving right now and what I recommend if you are looking for new products to try. I also wanted to share a (not sponsored) product review of a body wash I have been using lately and I just wanted to share my thoughts. So if you are interested in knowing what products I have in my shower right now, just keep reading!

Olay White Strawberry And Mint Body Wash.

I am sharing this one first because this is the most recent thing I have added to me shower and I wanted to do a little review for you guys. If you have been around for a while you may know that I absolutely love Bath & Body Works. I rarely use body care products that aren’t from Bath & Body Works just because I love it so much and a bottle of body wash lasts a while for me. But when I saw this scent I knew I had to pick it up because it smells so good. It’s also half the price of a Bath & Body Works body wash and I love how foamy it gets. All around it’s a great buy and I absolutely love it.

Garnier Curl Nourish Shampoo And Conditioner.

I am always switching up the shampoo and conditioner that I use because I love trying different products and seeing what works best for me and my hair. I picked this duo up at CVS a while back and I did really like it. I wouldn’t say it’s the best shampoo and conditioner I have used, but for the price it wasn’t terrible.

Scalp Scrubber.

I picked this up on Amazon back before I even moved and I will say it’s a pretty great find. It’s not something you necessarily need and you can absolutely live without it. But it’s less than $10 and I really think if you can get it you won’t regret it. It would also make a great gift for anyone really. There are so many different colors you can get too, so why not?

L’Oreal Elvive Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm.

I have been using this hair mask for years and I absolutely love it. It works really well at bringing my hair back to life and looking fresh again. It’s really affordable as well which makes it even better. And an added benefit is it smells really great which is always a positive. So all around it’s a great product that I always have on hand.


I have my Billie razor hanging up in my shower. I absolutely love it and I love that it is always within reach. It’s just something that I feel like I am always using so it’s nice that it’s just there.

And those are all the things that I have in my shower right now and that stay there pretty much all the time. Sometimes I switch things up. Thank you so much for stopping by! I really hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let us know in the comments what products you always keep in your shower. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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