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Hey guys! Welcome back. We are well in April now and I figured it was the perfect time to do this month’s Q&A. You guys have sent in quite a few questions for this month and I am really excited to get into answering them. I will be answering as many as I can, but as always if your question isn’t answered here it will most likely be answered in a future Q&A. Also, if you have any questions you would like me to answer in a future post be sure to leave those in the comments! And with that, let’s get into the questions!

Do you still struggle with depression? If so, how do you fight it?

I definitely still struggle with depression and in some ways I think it is worse now because I feel so guilty. When I have days that I am feeling depressed I am really hard on myself for it because I feel like I don’t have any reason to feel that way. I am in a good place physically and mentally and I am often really hard on myself for not quite being there emotionally. So I guess the way I “fight” it is I just try to show myself some grace and remember that I don’t always have to be 100%. I still struggle with a lot of things that have happened and I think it’s okay to allow myself to feel those things so I can move on.

Tips for self-confidence?

Self-confidence is something I still struggle with. But I think the biggest thing that helps me is to just do what feels right to me. I know what I need and what I want better than anyone else does, so when it comes to living life or making decisions I just really try to trust myself and know that no matter what anyone else says or thinks that it’s ultimately up to me.

What is a habit you couldn’t imagine giving up now?

Waking up at the same time everyday. It helps more than I ever could have imagined.

Any tips for avoiding procrastination when working from home?

Have a routine. Even though you don’t have to commute everyday, pretend like you do. Give yourself enough time in the morning to prepare yourself for the day and everything you need to do.

What’s your best daily habit to stay focused?

Have everything in my Google Calendar. When I have my day planned I am much more likely to get things done and feel more productive. Also, I tend to put my phone on do not disturb.

What’s your advice for college students that are stuck to a certain schedule?

As cheesy as it sounds, my best advice is to believe in yourself. When you believe in yourself and what you are working toward it’s much easier to get things done. Even if you don’t have a ton of flexibility and wiggle room, you still have some time. So work with what you have and finish what you started. Also, take things one at a time.

How to deal with imposter syndrome?

You are exactly where you are supposed to be right now. It wasn’t an accident. It wasn’t a mistake. Where you are right now and what you are doing is what was supposed to happen. So just know that at the end of the day, no matter what, you are doing what it right for you right now. You don’t have to be perfect at anything. Always remember that it’s okay to be a work in progress as long as you are continuing to do the work. If you are doing the work you are not an imposter.

Do you have any tips for choosing a path in life?

My best advice is to walk down the path that feels right to you. Even if that changes a year from now. You will gain so much more experience walking down the different paths and you will learn so much more than you ever will if you are waiting to figure out which one is best. You know yourself better than you think you do so follow your gut. Do whatever feels right to you even if others aren’t so much. Choose the path you feel like you can walk.

I have so many goals, but I don’t know how to balance them all. Any advice?

This is actually something that I have been struggling with myself as of late. There are so many things that I want to do and need to do, but I struggle with keeping a balance between work, life, and everything in between. So what I have been trying to do here lately is focus on one goal at a time. I give myself one goal every week and work towards making that happen. The next week is a new goal and if I can add it to the previous goal then great! If not, I just move on and try to work towards everything I want to do. I try not to be too hard on myself if I don’t accomplish everything.

I try calendar blocking, but I struggle with sticking to my schedule. Any tips?

If you are anything like I was you are probably committing yourself to too much. When I first started calendar blocking I would block out my entire day. There would literally be no white space. But the more I got into it and really started getting comfortable with it, the more I realized that white space is not only okay, but it’s necessary. My biggest tip for anyone who is calendar blocking but feels like they are struggling to keep up with the schedule is to start with only calendar blocking the essential things. Only put things on the calendar that you know you need to get done. And as you start getting more comfortable and sticking to your schedule, you can start adding in all the other things.

Favorite thing to do on your “day off”?

Catch up on all my favorite TV shows and take a nice bubble bath. Anything else is just kind of spur of the moment and whatever I feel like doing. I try to sleep in, but sometimes that doesn’t happen.

Do you ever compare yourself to others?

All the dang time. But it’s also something I try not to dwell on. At the end of the day I know that I am good enough and even though I am always trying to improve I know that everyone else also has their own battles they are facing.

What are you looking forward to in Summer 2021?

I plan to take a vacation at some point. Not to necessarily go anywhere, but just to take time off of work and really relax. I think it’s something that is definitely needed. Also, I will be getting new roommates and I’m kind of excited about it.

What’s your absolute favorite home cooked meal?

Chicken and dumplings will forever be my favorite. I haven’t mastered it yet, but I’m working on it.

Top three places you want to visit?

My top three are probably Ireland, England, and France.

Number one recommendation for a new content creator?

Always stay true to yourself and what you want to do. Some people won’t like it, but if you don’t like what you are doing or you aren’t happy, nothing is worth it. So always just do what feels right to you.

If you could live in any other state, which one would you pick?

I know where I want to live and will probably end up someday, but it’s not a state. That’s all I will say for now.

Do you believe in aliens?

I think there is definitely something out there.

What’s your favorite thing about the city you live in?

It’s a really good size, but it’s not overcrowded. And I feel really comfortable here.

What is something that genuinely make you happy?

My friends. They are always able to make me laugh and they are always there for me.

How is your day going?

Today has been pretty good! Hope you are doing well!

One thing in your life you wish you would have done sooner?

I wish I would have seen my value and worth as a person. I grew up thinking and believing that outside of what I could offer others I didn’t really have a value. That caused me to sabotage myself so much.

How are you feeling lately?

Super grateful. I am reminded everyday of just how far I have come and it continues to give me hope.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I always really enjoy answering your questions and chatting with you guys. You bring me so much joy. I am already looking forward to the next one. I really hope you enjoy this one though! Please like it if you did. If you have any questions for future Q&As make sure you leave those in the comments. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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  1. I enjoyed reading the answers
    So relatable

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I just posted a part two if you want to read even more! šŸ™‚

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  2. Will do
    Thank you so much

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