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When the pandemic first started, everyone was so excited about doing home projects. Now, it seems like it is tapering off, but if you loved working on your home, but just ran out of creative juices yourself, let me help! Below, you will find fun home projects that are practical and useful. Let me know if you do any of these improvements, or if you have any of your own that I should add to the list!

An at-home gym

We created an at-home gym and got a peloton and I could not be more obsessed! I highly recommend this to everyone because it will save you both time and money in the long-run. Plus, it will make it much easier to work out. Let’s put it this way: say that your gym is 20-30 minutes away from your home (we will say 30 minutes since it is an easier number to work with). You drive an hour (round trip), then spend an hour at the gym, more than likely. That is a full two hours of your day. TWO HOURS! I mean, what can you get done in two hours? I know that I can do a lot! Save your hours and cut it down to 30 minutes to one hour, at most. The good thing about creating an at-home gym? It is fun! You get to be creative and you get to choose what workouts you want to do. For me, I’m so glad we invested in a peloton because it is fun, relatively quick, and definitely effective.

Fun new flooring

When you are doing house projects or renovating, choosing better flooring options is a great thing to do! Why? Well, for starters, if you are putting the flooring throughout the house, depending on what kind of floor you choose, it will automatically give it an upgrade. I tend to like either hardwoods throughout the entire home, or hardwoods in the living spaces and tile in the kitchen and bathrooms. You really can’t go wrong with either option. A lot of people are choosing to do LVT now which is a luxury vinyl flooring. This is a good looking and affordable option to consider. There is a company called CALI Bamboo that produces non-toxic, low-VOC LVT options, so check them out if you want LVT. Another great option is anything Mohawk related. They strive to be environmentally friendly and I know that their carpet is low VOC. The reason why new flooring is fun? Flooring comes in so many different colors now! Tile can even look like wood. So, this allows your creative juices to flow and you can definitely have some fun with it.

A new roof

Now, when we are talking about fun home projects, you probably are not immediately thinking about a new roof. However, I think watching a roof replacement is so interesting and fun. Plus, protecting the inside of your home is fun (maybe that phrase is showing my age, but I don’t care!) with a high-quality roof. To make sure that your roof isn’t leaky, Greater American Roofing Louisville offers a free roof inspection. They are really reputable residential and commercial roofers in Louisville and their goal is to provide the best experience during your roofing project. With offices in Louisville and Alpharetta, they serve the Southeast and Midwest and when they work on a project, they always deliver 100% customer satisfaction and quality craftsmanship without any compromise. You may not think that a new roof is a fun home project, but will you think differently if your roof starts leaking? I think so. Before it gets to that point, get a roof inspection from Greater American Roofing & see if they can help you.

Upgraded master bath

Okay, let me dream a bit. Feeling relaxed and recharged is one of the best feelings in the world, right? I don’t know about you, but for me, when I think about an extremely relaxing place that can help me unwind, I think about the spa. Specifically the spas that just feel luxurious by the scents and sounds – you know the ones I’m talking about. You walk in and hear water fountains, peaceful music, and maybe even some calming nature sounds. They are diffusing calming and relaxing smells such as lavender and are burning candles to promote peacefulness. Those are the best places. At the end of a long day, there is nothing that I want more than to walk into a spa and feel that immediate relief and relaxation. Although it would be way too expensive (and timely) to go to a spa every single day, I truly believe that I deserve that feeling of peace in my own home, which is why I came up with the idea that one day, I would absolutely love to create a spa-like master bathroom. That truly would be the dream! Add in some heated floors, purchase a large jetted tub, and set the feel of the room by adding in candles, music, and essential oils!

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