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Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you are having a great week. Thankfully it’s almost over and hopefully on Saturday I can relax a little bit. But since we are now three days into June and I finally have a second to sit down and do this, it is time to share my favorites from last month and my goals for this month. In this post I will be sharing my monthly goals and my weekly goals that I have set for myself. So I hope you enjoy this and if you want to know what my favorites have been and what my goals are, just keep reading!

May Favorites:

Becky Moss’s YouTube Channel

I discovered her YouTube channel earlier this month and have really been loving it. I have a strange obsession with cleaning videos, but hers are even better than any I have seen before. Not only are they extremely motivating and satisfying, but they are also very calming and relaxing. I’m always watching them in the background.

Cream Products

I have really been into cream products this month. I got a foundation stick to use as cream bronzer because I struggled to find an actual cream bronzer that I love. I got the L’Oreal foundation stick to use. It’s a little warm, but it works out in the end. I also got a cream blush from Wander Beauty that I have been loving. It’s the Double Date Lip And Cheek set in the shade Rendezvous. It’s a really pretty pink shade.

The Friends Reunion

I talked about this earlier this week, but I really loved the Friends Reunion. It was so special and so nostalgic to me. It was definitely something I had been looking forward to for a really long time and it really did not disappoint. I selfishly wish it was longer but that’s only because I loved it!

Movie Nights

I have never really been a huge movie watcher especially when I’m by myself because I get pretty distracted, but this past month in order to relieve stress and just have a little time to myself I have been watching more movies. I don’t finish them in one sitting, but I do eventually over time finish them. I watched The Choice, Dear John, and Dumbo so far. Dumbo I did watch in one sitting because I was with my roommate. If you have any movies you recommend feel free to leave them in the comments! I feel like there may have been another movie but I can’t remember it off the top of my head.

Crock Pot

I got my Crock Pot earlier this month as well and it has been a huge favorite. It’s been so fun to use and I don’t know a ton of things to cook in it, but I’m learning. It’s been really fun just having it and getting to try new things with it. I have a feeling it will get a lot more use later this year.

Jon Acuff

I first found Job Acuff on Instagram and started listening to his book Soundtracks. The book is all about overthinking and changing your mindset and even though I haven’t quite finished it yet, it’s been really good so far. But I love watching his Instagram stories and taking in his wisdom. He has been great to learn from.

This Is Us

As much as I have been watching movies this month, I have also fallen back into This Is Us. It was only recently, but it’s something I do when I get off work to just have a few moments to myself and worry less about what is going on in my own life. It’s a great way to take my mind off of everything.

June Goals:

Read one book.

I started a book in April called Will I Ever Be Good Enough? and I really want to finish it this month. I think I’m pretty close and even though I have a lot going on right now, I think reading is also a great way to relieve stress and get away from my own thoughts for a while.

Follow my workout routine.

I have created a workout routine that seemingly works for me. It’s not a professional routine or anything, but it’s really just something that ensures that I am being intentional with my daily movement and kind of keeps me on track. It’s a no excuse way to keep going everyday and make sure I am doing what I need to do.

Clean and organize the closet.

That’s right. I still haven’t done it. And it will be a goal until I do it. The thing is, when I say I need to clean and organize my closet and don’t do it for months, it makes it seem like it’s a complete disaster. The problem is, it really isn’t. It is a little messy and there are clothes everywhere, but it would take maybe an hour at most to do. So I keep putting it off. If I could just do it it really wouldn’t be that bad. But we are still here.

Plan Summer Content.

I love having seasonal content. Spring kind of fell off a bit because I wasn’t feeling super inspired for Spring content, but I am really trying to Summer. I have been looking at ideas and just seeing what feels right for me. If you guys have anything you would like to see for Summer content let me know. Maybe a Summer bucket list?

Plan at least one friend date.

Now that the world is opening back up a little bit, I feel like I can finally see people freely again. So I’m looking forward to having at least one day this month where I get to spend the whole day with someone I care about. I had one last month and it was really great so I want to do again this month.

Weekly Goals:

6/6 – 6/12: Complete all scheduled tasks when they are scheduled.

I am a big fan of Google Calendar and use it to plan and schedule pretty much everything I need to do. The problem is I find myself constantly moving things around and not for any reason other than I just don’t feel like doing them. It’s procrastination at it’s finest. So this week my goal will be to do everything I have scheduled when it is scheduled.

6/13 – 6/19: Drink at least two bottles of water everyday.

I’ll be honest, some days I drink more water than other days. I think that’s pretty normal for everyone, but I really want to start being more intentional with it. So my goal for this week is to drink at least, like bare minimum, two bottles of water. Of course, the more I can drink, the better, but I want to set a realistic goal starting out.

6/20 – 6/26: Read The Bible Everyday.

This is something else that has kind of fallen off these past few months and it’s not something that I’m totally happy with. So this week my goal will be to read The Bible every single day, even if it’s only a chapter. I think it’s really important to continuing to grow my faith so it’s something I need to be more intentional with.

6/27-7/3: Wake up 30 minutes earlier to do something fun.

I have a bad habit of not waking up any earlier than I absolutely have to most days. So this week my goal will be to wake up 30 minutes earlier than I have to so I can do something fun. Whether that’s doing my makeup, watching a video, reading, or something else, I just want to make time to start my day with something that brings me joy.

And with that, I conclude! Those were my favorites from last month and all my goals for this month. May was a super long and crazy month, but we made it and I couldn’t be more excited for June. Thank you so much for stopping by! I really hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let us know in the comments what your favorites from last month were and/or what your goals for this month are. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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3 comments on “May 2021 Favorites And June 2021 Goals

  1. NAHLESU says:

    Crock pots! Who would’ve known? I love your plans for June, I’ll probably incorporate these too. Thank you !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Our June goals match almost 85%! 😀
    Keep us posted on your progress, esp the waking 30 mins earlier. I have been struggling with it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow! It is a struggle but I’ll keep you posted!


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