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Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you all had a great weekend. Today I wanted to talk about something I don’t think I’ve talked about much here. I’ve talked about skin care and hair care and all the products I’ve used, but I haven’t really talked about body care all that much. So today I thought it would be fun to share my current body care routine and some of my favorite body care products. I’ve tried a lot of different products and had various routines throughout the years, but I think this is the one that makes the most sense for me. It’s pretty simple and straightforward, but it’s super effective and leaves me feeling really good. So I hope you enjoy!


It’s no secret that I have extremely dry skin, so exfoliating is really important. This is not something I do everyday, but it is something that I do at least once a week. If I feel like I really need it I sometimes do it twice a week, but that’s rare. I really love using the Tree Hut scrubs and the Dove exfoliating body polishes. Both do a super great job at exfoliating my skin without being too harsh or doing any damage to my skin. They smell great and both brands are super affordable.


Obviously cleansing is really important and this a step that can’t be skipped no matter what. I have a ton of body washes and cleansers I have used and honestly there are so many that I have loved. I have a ton of favorite Bath & Body Works body washes, and the one I am currently using is the Midnight Swim scent. I also really love the Olay White Strawberry and Mint body wash. I love the way that one smells and it lathers really nicely. It’s also a really great affordable option and the bottle is huge. I highly recommend that one if you can find it.


Shaving is not something I do as much as I should, but it’s something I do as often as I can. A little body hair has never really bothered me, so it’s not something I put a ton of pressure on myself to do. I’m not smooth all the time is what I’m trying to say I guess. But I do shave every week and a half to two weeks though, depending on if I really need to. When I do I like to use lotion or conditioner as a shaving cream and I really love my Billie razor. It’s by far the best razor I have ever used and I love that it has replaceable heads and they send me new ones when I need them. It’s the best shave I’ve ever had.


When it comes to moisturizing, I really only use one kind of lotion or body cream and it’s the body creams from Bath & Body Works. I have tried other lotions and creams, but there is something about the ones from Bath & Body Works that I just really love. I love that they leave my skin feeling moisturized for a long time without being too sticky or just sitting on my skin. I love that I can put it on before I go to bed and wake up feeling moisturized. They have so many great scents as well which I really love. I have so many options all the time.

Foot Care.

Foot care is not the most glamorous thing ever, but it is really important. I have found over the years how important taking care of my feet are and I try to keep them as nice as I can. I have an Amope Pedi Foot File that I use to file down the rough spots on my feet and then I heavily moisturize them and make sure I put socks on. I have to do this before I go to bed at night because I can’t sleep with socks on. I also make sure my toenails are trimmed properly. I made the mistake of doing a foot mask once and I can’t go back to that nightmare so I don’t do any kind of mask.

But that is my body care routine! It’s pretty simple, but all steps that are necessary for me to feel my best. I also really love all the products that I use. It makes things a lot easier. Thank you so much for stopping by! I really hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let me know in the comments what your body care routine is and what your favorite products are. I’m always looking for new things to try, new tips, and new products to test out so let me know your recommendations! Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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