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Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you are all having a great weekend. Today I wanted to come on here and share my thoughts on Squid Game, the Netflix show that is taking the world by storm. I finished it yesterday and wanted to share my thoughts with you. That being said, there will absolutely be spoilers in this post so if you haven’t seen it or haven’t finished it yet, I recommend finishing it first and then coming back unless you don’t mind spoilers. With that, here are my thoughts on the series and how I really felt about that ending.

Player #001.

I told you there would be spoilers and I’m starting off with a pretty big one so now’s your chance to leave if you really don’t want to know. Player #001 (the old man who befriends Gi-Hun) is the creator and mastermind behind the entire operation. We find out at the very end of the last episode that though he really is dying of brain cancer, he was not actually a participant in the games. He was, but he knew what was going on the entire time and he was safe. And that’s why when the VIP’s arrive and the front man says the leader is not there it’s because it’s the old man who was “killed off” in the previous episode. It was a plot twist I really didn’t see coming, but looking back on it all the signs were there. When they were playing “Red Light, Green Light” he wasn’t scared and even seemed to know what she was going to say before she said it. When they were playing Tug Of War, all the other players had locks on their wrists keeping them attached to the rope, but he did not. If you missed it go back and watch when they are all laying on the platform after they win and they slowly show each one of them. You can’t miss it. It’s crazy and I’m still not sure how I feel about him being behind the whole things because I was really rooting for him and I was sad when I thought he died (after the marble game not at the end).

The concept is great.

I love the overall plot of the show. I love that they take this survival aspect and give it a completely new life. These are people who are struggling in life, owe a lot of money, and really have their lives on the line anyway and they are given the chance to win a lot of money. But their life is still on the line. They are also given the opportunity (twice) to leave and not come back. They all leave in the second episode but most of them end up coming back. They make a choice and even though only one of them makes it out alive, it’s still a great concept and a very interesting story line. I also love that they use children’s games because it adds an extra level of terror that is amazing.

The characters are very unique.

Each character is in an endless amount of debt, but they are all different and carry their own baggage. They have different personalities, different skills, and different stories that adds to the tension and the amazing story that is the show. While we learn about these people and get to know them throughout the games there are some you don’t want to see die and some you really can’t wait to see die. And when it comes down to it, each character has something different to offer the show that would make the show very different if they weren’t in it. I love that each character serves a very specific purpose and there isn’t anyone there that is just a filler or don’t have a purpose.

All the feelings.

This show brings up so many feelings. Sadness, terror, stress, anxiety, anger, frustration, and even at times a little bit of happiness. As we see the relationships forming between the players and the coming together in the face of uncertainty, it’s an interesting concept considering they are all playing for their lives. There is also a lot of betrayal in the show between “friends” and enemies alike. This show has the ability to bring out emotions and feelings in you that you weren’t even expecting to have, but it’s does such a good job.

It’s a great mystery.

While this show is full of terror, one of the scariest thing about it is the fact that it’s full of mystery and uncertainty. The fact that that the front man and the staff are all wearing masks only adds to that (not that we would know much about them otherwise). It’s a show that has you on the edge of your seat every episode and it’s hard to stop watching when you just want to know what happens next. It’s a dark and competitive game that takes place in rooms that are brightly colored and that are really just children’s games with a twisted punishment for elimination.

The Brothers.

Was anyone else completely surprised when the cop that had been looking for his brother found him in the most unlikely way. The brother was the front man! It kind of bothers me that we didn’t get more to that story and how he ended up as the front man, but maybe we will get more if there is a season two. But I feel like they missed out on a great opportunity to add more to that story line and share more about how he got there. It was still a really great plot twist though and the cop looking for his brother while pretending to be on staff was another great addition to the mystery.

I hated the organ harvesting.

I can’t be the only one that was completely grossed out by the organ harvesting scenes. I also hated that the doctor was involved and that he was doing it just to find out what the next games were. It was a part of the show that I honestly could have done without. I understand that it was how the cop ended up getting more information about his brother but I feel like there may have been another way to do that. Or maybe they could have not shown so much of the cut up bodies and removed organs and eyeballs. It was a bit much for me.

I also hated the “secret game”.

I’m just going to come out and say the fourth episode was my least favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Tug Of War, but I hated everything leading up to it. I hated the “secret game” they played where they gave the contestants less food so a fight would break out and more people would end up innocently dying. I thought it was really unfair because they didn’t know what was going on and weren’t aware that it was planned all along. So many people died in that because they didn’t have a chance and weren’t prepared. I just didn’t like it at all.

This show is terrifying, but so intriguing. I loved it (for the most part). It’s not a perfect show, but no show is. It might be the best show I’ve ever seen though. It has everything you need in a great story. The character development was also immaculate. I really hope there’s a second season because we need more. But I want to know your thoughts! If you have watched Squid Game let me know your thoughts in the comments! Was there anything I missed? Do you agree or disagree with any of these points? Let’s talk about it!

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